I Am The Black Wizaards

How rude of me.

The Wizaard. At your service. Pleased to meet you.

And I must say: thanks for spending your precious life minutes on Black Omen Films. I mean that. In the big scheme you don't have very many of those. Maybe treat yourself to an ice cream every now and then?

On this blog I'll post about Black Omen's sorcerous endeavours - which at this point, I am happy to announce, consists of the following:

  • BARBARIAN I: Easy on the Eyes (A Prologue) - a sword and sorcery short film starring Chad Gowing of Deathproof Wrestling, Torin Langen of Candle Flame Films, and featuring the wicked tunage of Hawkeyes. It's very nearly complete, and once it is we'll be doing the Kickstarter/Indiegogo thing to fund the feature film that takes place where the short ends.
  • Johnny Moonface In Dead Waterloo - a feature length black and white fever dream to be crafted this spring and summer. It's about a man who goes into the Underworld to find his dead cat. It'll be occulty, surreal, and largely silent apart from its trippy synth-heavy kraut-rock soundtrack. Should be a big hit at next year's Oscars.
  • 12 Angry Filmmakers - An alliance with the 12 Angry Filmmakers has been made, and a short film is to be produced under joint banners.

Here I shall also report on the rogue mystic undertakings of THE WATCHERS BY THE GATE OF HORN. As much as can be revealed, anyway. Apart from the aforementioned, I might start posting general interest stuff here instead of A Quest For A Quest, an old and derelict blog of mine. Everybody's got one.

So. If you like what you see and you use RSS feed magic, cast a spell my way.

Thanks dude/tte.

- The Wizaard